Maxview Roam X MXL057 Campervan Motorhome Mobile Internet 3G/4G Wi-Fi System

Maxview Roam X MXL057 Campervan Motorhome Mobile Internet 3G/4G Wi-Fi System

Maxview Roam X MXL057 Campervan Motorhome Mobile Internet 3G/4G Wi-Fi System

Maxview Roam MXL056 Campervan Motorhome WiFi 5G Ready Antenna Kit. Maxview Roam X MXL057 Campervan Motorhome WiFi 5G Ready Antenna Kit. Stay Connected wherever your adventure takes you!

The Maxview Roam X Campervan WiFi kit users a router and an externally-mounted antenna to take 3G and 4G and turn it into a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle. If you're a digital nomad or just like exploring the country in your campervan, the Roam X Campervan WiFi kit ensures that in low signal and remote areas that you stay connected. The Roam X Campervan antenna is designed specifically with campervans and panel vans in mind, it has a smaller footprint so does not take up precious space on the roof of your vehicle, and will fit in between the ridges on ridged-rooves. It comes with a short cable (0.3m) and a separate long cable (2m) as standard. The footprint is also designed If you are doing a conversion you can install the long cable into the walls of the vehicle and then connect up to the antenna at a later date when it is fitted. The Roam X Campervan WiFi system is the premium version of the Roam Campervan WiFi system, the antenna is the same but the router is a higher speed and higher power version.

If you have a campervan or a panel van, and are looking for reliable WiFi when you are roaming around the UK or Europe, then we have a solution for you. We understand that a good internet connection when you are travelling is needed more and more. Checking the weather and researching places to stay, visit and eat is part of any time away. Many of us also like to keep up to date with family and friends through social media and emails.

Not forgetting keeping the kids entertained, the internet and WiFi has fast become a necessity to our daily lives. The Roam provides a secure and reliable internet hotspot with a 3G and 4G router, perfect for providing WiFi in campervans or panel vans. Plug and play complete solution for fast and reliable connection in your vehicle. Designed specifically for campervans, high top vans and panel vans. 2 ways to connect, with SIM card or repeat an existing WiFi network.

5GB FREE SIM card included with multi-network technology. 55 years designing and manufacturing connectivity products for motorhomes and caravans.

Providing there is no captive portal, often found at campsites or food outlets such as McDonalds. Roam can provide internet and WiFi to a range of vehicles such as.

Also fine to use on motorhomes, caravans, canal boats. The Roam uses a powerful antenna and a 12v 4G router which provides WiFi in a campervan or a panel van. The Roam helps you to get better internet in two ways.

Firstly the Roam Campervan uses 3G or 4G mobile data in order to create a reliable WiFi hotspot. Secondly where a direct WiFi source is available the Roam Campervan can be used to connect to an existing WiFi hotspot.

Ensuring data is only used when necessary. Overall the Roam kit acts as an ideal campervan or high top van WiFi booster to keep you connected.

If you're a regular or frequent user of a campervan or a panel van and you would like a reliable WiFi installation in your vehicle or maybe you are a digital nomad and require a good connection in remote and wild areas. Either way the Roam Campervan X WiFi system will give you the best shot at staying connected. Can I watch Smart TV apps or use a IPTV box. The Roam kit can keep you connected to all your favourite shows in rural and remote areas, as long as you have a subscription or license for the relevant service.

You will need about 2 - 3Mbps for standard definition streaming and about 3 - 5 Mbps for HD streaming which are achieved almost everywhere in the UK with the Roam X router. Music streaming services like Spotify need a maximum of 1Mbps. Speeds will be dependent on location and network provider's signal strength in the area. Do i need a SIM card?

The short answer is yes. There are many different types of SIM cards to choose from and how you choose them should depend on what type of user you are. You will be streaming a lot of Netflix or BBC iPlayer? Then you will need a lot of data. If you are watching 1 hour of videos a day, you will need around 40GB of data a month. Double this if you are watching in HD. You will just be listening to some music, browsing restaurants and checking your emails? This is much less intensive at around 10GB per month. You can use a data calculator like this one from Tesco to estimate your data usage. The other thing to consider is whether you need a single network SIM or multi-network SIM and how important having a connection all of the time is to you. If you are generally in the same place then you can check what's called a coverage checker, like this one from EE to see the coverage of EE in your specific location, you can do the same for O2, Three and Vodafone. Alternatively, if you are travelling around a lot and it's essential you stay connected, you can have a multi-network SIM card, like our partners BroadbandGo. This picks up the best network in the location you are in. Since April 2022 all Roam WiFi system products are being sent out with a 5GB free multi-network SIM card from our partner BroadbandGo. You will need to register this using their app to activate it. What is the difference between the Roam Campervan and Roam X Campervan? The main difference is the speed capability of the router. The Roam X is a CAT6 router which means absolute maximum speeds are 300 megabytes per second compared to 150 megabytes per second on the normal Roam Campervan. The other difference is the capability to handle multiple heavy users simultaneously. What are the main technical details? Firstly, the router receives 3G or 4G and turns it into a WiFi hotspot. Secondly, the router can also connect to other WiFi sources so you only use your 3G or 4G when necessary. The antenna is omni directional, this means that no manual adjustment needed. The router has 2 ethernet ports providing a connection directly to a device. The Roam antenna is 5G ready and compatible with all 5G frequency bands as standard so it's ready when this new technology arrives in rural and remote areas. The router itself uses 3G and 4G. At the moment, the speeds which can be obained using our 3G/4G router and our antenna are sufficient for all every day uses of the internet, from checking emails to streaming Netflix or BBC iPlayer in HD. 5G is largely intended for futuristic technologies such as smart cities self-driving cars. Will it work in Europe? Yes, it will work in Europe. The Roam Campervan works across the UK and Europe but this is dependent on data provider and contract.

Due to Brexit there are some restrictions on how much data you can use with your UK sim card in Europe. What's in the box? Omni-directional Roof Mount Antenna and Fixings. Red Apple AV Ltd is a proud UK business that offers a wide range of audio-visual products, from HDMI cables to full AV distribution systems, we welcome business from both consumers and commercial customers. After all trust and service is the key to a successful business and we appreciate your business.

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Maxview Roam X MXL057 Campervan Motorhome Mobile Internet 3G/4G Wi-Fi System

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